Our History

Mitchell’s Fresh products have been in stores since 2006, but our salsas, dips and strips have been in the works for over twenty years.

Mitchell’s Fresh products have only been in stores since 2006, but our climb to becoming New England’s favorite refrigerated salsa and dips has been a labor of love 20 years in the making.

After graduating from the Culinary Institute of America and working at some of the most notable restaurants in the Northeast, Corey Mitchell, our company’s Chief Salsa Officer (CSO), cooked and mingled with the rich and famous as a private chef. During this time, he developed the delicious salsa and dip recipes that would later serve as the foundation of the Mitchell’s Fresh line of products.

After receiving rave reviews for his culinary creations from family, friends, and famous folks, Corey took the advice of his brother, Sean, and returned to his home state of New Hampshire to launch Mitchell’s Fresh in 2006. As a fourth generation Mitchell from Concord, New Hampshire, it only made sense that Corey decided to make the Granite State capital the new home of his company.

While perfecting his signature mild and hot salsas in Concord, Corey embarked on daily road trips across New England in search of retailers and salsa lovers to share his Pico de Gallo-inspired creations and stone-ground tortilla strips. Along the way, Corey made a lot of friends who were drawn to the taste of his all-natural products, his infectious smile and his quick wit.

As a result, it didn’t take long for Mitchell’s Fresh products to gain a loyal following that would soon spread from coast to coast. As his products gained notoriety, Corey continued to broaden his line of tasty toppings, and in time, he introduced such favorites as Mitchell’s Fresh Pineapple Salsa, Chipotle, Sweet Pepper Dip and Blue Caesar.

Today, Mitchell’s Fresh products, which currently consist of fourteen fresh salsas and dips, as well as white and blue corn tortilla strips, can be found in some of the most popular grocery stores and independent markets across the country.

All of Mitchell’s Fresh products are made by hand using only the finest and freshest ingredients that are still handpicked and purchased by Corey.

And while the company’s product mix and popularity have certainly grown over the years, our passion for having fun and producing tasty salsas, spreads and strips hasn’t changed a bit. After all, at Mitchell’s Fresh we believe in one truth — if it’s not fun, it’s probably not worth doing.

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