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Testimonial 5

I wanted to send you many thanks for creating such a wonderful salsa! I bought a container at The Barn Store yesterday after sampling it. Please don’t ever stop making such a fantastic experience! As long as I can find it to purchase you will have me as a customer!!

Testimonial 4

This week I tried the Pineapple Salsa, great stuff. I usually buy two each week. One mild and one hot and my wife mixes them together. You folks have hit on the perfect recipe. Now I don’t have to rely on a family member to make. Nothing is quite as good as yours. The ‘factory’… Continue Reading →


I am so thrilled that I decided to try the sample of your pineapple salsa at the Meat House in North Andover, MA. I purchased it because I LOVED IT! I have been eating it with everything. With chips, on chicken and on steak, by itself!!!!! I am hooked! Keep up the good work.


I live in Wesport and I look forward to coming to Lake Winnipisaukee every year to get your salsa (hot) at Moultonboro Farms. I’d love to have access year round!!


One word sir…knockout!! I have never tasted a fresher, snappier and ultimately more delicious salsa…period! And your sweet pepper dip…sorry can’t talk…mouth full of tasty Mitchells goodness.